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European Commission: Towards a sustainable and fair Common European Asylum System

4 May 2016 - Today the European Commission is presenting proposals to reform the Common European Asylum System by creating a fairer, more efficient and more sustainable system for allocating asylum applications among Member States.

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The short film Frontiers has received a special mention for animation in the short film competition Corti d’Argento 2016.

11th April 2016 - The Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) is proud to announce that the short film Frontiers by Hermes Mangialardo, winner of the second edition of our competition Fammi Vedere (Show Me), has received a special mention for animation in the selection “Corti d’Argento” at the Nastri d’Argento Cinema Awards. The Italian National Journalists and Cinematographers’ Union (SNGCI) noted that the short film was selected for the fundraising campaign for the Italian Refugee Council: a special acknowledgement was also awarded by CIR President Laura Delli Colli.

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Asylum and Migration in Europe, needs an overhaul. For the European Commission there is only one party to blame for the refugee crisis: the refugees themselves.

6th April 2016 – the Italian Council for Refugees is alarmed by the communication of the European Commission relating to the reform of the asylum system. The arrival of almost 1.5 million asylum seekers in Europe in 2015 has led to the disintegration of the entire European System for Asylum, approved three years ago. Faced with the inability of this system to provide effective instruments to manage the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War and following the desperate attempts by European Leaders to come up with spontaneous solutions, the Commission announced today an enormous package of reforms to reshape the asylum system. Proposals that go far beyond the Dublin Regulation and that contribute to undermining the fundamental rights of asylum seekers and refugees, without facing the reasons for the humanitarian crisis involving millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes.

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The telephone fundraising campaign “Beyond walls” has just launched. Support CIR activities to help asylum seekers, refugees and victims of torture: from the 21st March to the 9th April, it is possible to make a donation via text message or by phone on 45

21st March 2016 - the Italian Refugee Council (CIR) telephone fundraising campaign “Beyond Walls” has just opened in order to provide support to asylum seekers, refugees and victims of torture: from the 21st March to the 9th April it will be possible to donate 2 euro via the telephone number 45503 with a text message sent from cell phones on the TIM, Vodaphone, WIND, 3, PosteMobile, CoopVoce and Tiscali networks; and 2/5 euro for each call made to the same number from landlines on the TIM, Infostrada, Fastweb and Tiscali networks.

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Migrants: 9,307 arrived in 2016. Since January 16 thousand asylum requests

12th March 2016 – in 2016 9,307 migrants have arrived in Italy, a slight increase compared with the 9,117 of the same period last year. The asylum requests presented between the 1st January to the 4th March of this year number 16,080: this data is provided by the undersecretary for the Interior, Domenico Manzione at a sitting of the Schengen Committee (on 9th March 2016).

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Refugees, CIR concern about the conclusions of the European Council-Turkey Summit

8th March 2016 - CIR is seriously concerned about the agreement that the EU and Turkey are seeking to reach on the management of the refugee crisis. Once again the governments of the EU countries have chosen a short sighted approach to seek partial solutions designed with the sole aim of limiting the number of refugees arriving in European territory, without effecting the root of the problem and without planning a long-term strategy of shared responsibility. Of even greater concern is the adoption of measures that translate into substantial violations of international and European rights.

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