ECRE: in the wake of Paris attacks, ECRE calls on Europe to recommit to its fundamental values

22 November 2015 - ECRE expresses its shock and sorrow over the death of so many innocent people in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut. The brutal acts in Paris were a direct assault on Europe’s way of life and its fundamental values of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and human dignity.

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“Hotspot Approach”: concerned National Asylum Committee has requested a meeting with Minister Alfano

9th November 2015 – As part of the Hotspot system, the “Tavolo Nazionale Asilo” National Asylum Roundtable (consisting of a number of organizations involved in safeguarding human rights, including CIR) has expressed, in a letter to the Interior Minister Alfano, great concern at the implementation, experienced by many associations in the main centres of arrival and at the reception centres, of procedures that are contrary to internal and international regulations. On the subject of these problems, the Roundtable has requested an urgent meeting with the Minister.

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Migrants and Asylum seekers: 140 thousand arrivals in 2015 (-8%), 100 thousand registered, 68 thousand asylum requests

1st November 2015 – 139,937 migrants have reached Italy in 2015, 8% less than the same period last year, when 152 thousand arrived. 100,982 have been registered: the majority of those to have avoided fingerprinting are Syrians and Eritreans. 68,725 asylum requests have been submitted. These figures were provided on 29th October by the Central Directore of Immigration and Border Police, Giovanni Pinto at a session of the migrant Commission.

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Presentation of dossier of immigration statistics 2015

29th October 2015 – Today saw the presentation of the Immigration Statistics Dossier 2015, compiled by IDOS in cooperation with the magazine Confronti and UNAR. Spokesperson for CIR, Christopher Hein contributed to the dossier with an article on the theme of “migration routes and flows towards Europe”. “The focus of the Immigration Statistics Dossier 2015 is on asylum seekers but the dossier does not neglect the five million immigrants settled in our country and the equally large number of Italians abroad,” writes the coordinator of the Dossier, Ugo Melchionda (President of the IDOS centre for Study and Research) and Claudio Paravati (director of the inter-faith magazine Confronti).

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Migration debate: the real divide

27 October 2015 . Opening the debate, EP President Martin Schulz welcomed the 17-point plan agreed at the 25 October EU summit, but voiced deep concern on the failure to keep promises: "if governments consider national egoism more important than common solutions, it will be to the detriment of both refugees and European cohesion", he said. This was echoed by Council President Donald Tusk, who warned about the potential of the refugee crisis to "create tectonic political changes" in the EU.

Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route: Leaders Agree on 17-point plan of action

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Migration crisis: 66% of citizens assert that the immigration crisis must be dealt with at EU level

24th October 2015 – Unemployment and immigration are the two greatest challenges facing the EU, according to the latest Eurobarometer poll commissioned by the European Parliament. Almost two thirds of citizens think that the decisions on the subject of immigration must be taken on a European rather than national level, while eight out of ten indicate that asylum seekers should be “better distributed between all of the member states of the EU”. Nonetheless, responses varied considerably from country to country.

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