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Statelessness, CIR launches the project “Listening to the sun” with the support of Open Society Foundations, and the campaign #NonEsisto (‘I don’t exist’)

31 January 2016 - In Italy it is estimated that 15 thousand people do not have the possibility to study, marry, work, possess official documents or enjoy full rights. In Europe there are 600,000 people living in limbo. These people have lost, or never had, citizenship in their country of origin: they are the stateless. Such a condition is more like a prison sentence in a country like Italy, where the recognition of the status of stateless people is practically impossible due to the multitude of inaccessible official procedures. In fact, only 606 people are officially recognised as stateless by our country. The others, in official terms, remain completely invisible.

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Denmark, CIR reaction to the new regulations for the reception of asylum seekers

27th January 2016 – The regulations approved by the Danish Parliament that allow for the confiscation from asylum seekers of personal possessions with a value in excess of 1,300 euros, recall the period that tarnished European history and the atrocious violations of human rights that occurred at that time. The Danish legislation brings to mind both the Nazi’s confiscation of Jewish possessions and the countries that demanded money in return for protection. This is a shameful law from a material point of view and even worse for it symbolic value. Furthermore, it coincides with a strict tightening of Danish laws concerning family reunification.

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Migrants: over 1 million have requested asylum in Germany

January 17 2015 – 1,091,894 migrants requested asylum in Germany in 2015, according to data provided by the German Interior Ministry. The majority originated from Syria (428,468), followed by Afghanistan (154,046), Iraq (121,662), Albania (69,426) and Kosovo (33,049). Germany was the European country that received the highest number of migrants and refugees. (Source: ANSA-AP).

CIR receives the World Engagement Award

14th January 2015 –Today CIR was awarded the World Engagement Award for its commitment to “making the world a better place through the promotion of social justice and global responsibility”. The prize was presented to CIR Director Fiorella Rathaus during the academic programme “Forced Migration, services to refugees and measures to combat human trafficking”, organised in Rome by the University of San Francisco.

University of San Francisco School of Management.

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Cirnotizie magazine

The italian refugee council magazine ‘cirnotizie’ returns

“CIRNotizie” (CIRNews), the Italian Refugee Council’s magazine is set to return, now every three months online. The new edition will include the report on CIR activities in 2014. Over the course of that year CIR had contact with, and in many cases provided assistance to, 9,890 asylum seekers and people requiring humanitarian and subsidiary protection.

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Filippo Grandi takes helm as UN High Commissioner for Refugees

4 January 2016– Filippo Grandi, a UN official who has worked in refugee and political affairs in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, began his five-year term as UN High Commissioner for Refugees on January 1, succeeding António Guterres whose more than 10 years in office ended last week.

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