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CIR: the European Commission’s strategy on immigration and third countries is unconvincing and lacks innovation.

7th June 2016 – The Italian Council for Refugees, CIR, considers the European Commission document for cooperation with third countries, not convincing, lacking innovation and not in keeping with the stated objective of better managing the refugee crisis in Europe. Nevertheless, a small number of the proposals put forward could create genuine alternatives for refugees.

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“Fammi Vedere”(Show Me) – the third edition of the CIR competition for short films about the right to asylum, has begun.

23rd May 2016 - The Italian Refugee Council (CIR) is pleased to launch the third edition of the short film competition Fammi Vedere (Show Me) – From today entries will be accepted until the closing date of the 15th October. The criteria for participation are that the subject matter of the film relates to the right to asylum and that the film has a maximum duration of two minutes. Full competition details are published on the CIR website ( ) and the competition is open to anyone wishing to tell the story or point of view of asylum seekers and refugees through the language of cinema.

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Thanks to everyone who has supported us and many of you that have made donations.

22 may 2016 - During this period in which new barriers are being erected within Europe, CIR would like to point out and underline the message at the centre of its campaign “Al di là dei muri”(Beyond Walls), which has recently concluded: the solution is not to build walls but rather to work to create integration pathways that are genuine, rapid and safe so that meeting with refugees and asylum seekers does not lead to marginalization and insecurity. In particular, we would like to confirm our commitment to genuine integration, expressing our significant gratitude to all of those who have supported and made possible our campaign “Al di là dei muri”. Thanks to you, we have raised over €80,000 to support our activities in helping asylum seekers, refugees and victims of torture.

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European Community proposals for the reform of the Dublin Regulation are totally inadequate.

5th May 2016 –The Italian Refugee Council (CIR) is extremely disappointed with the proposals put forward yesterday by the European Commission for the reform of the Dublin Regulation. “ A missed opportunity for what should have been a structural reform of the Dublin system. The approach adopted by the Commission is extremely limited and the basic principle to determine the state responsible for examining the asylum request remains substantially unchanged: it continues to strongly handicap, first of all, asylum seekers and secondly, the countries in which they arrive first. Based everything on the measure of resettlement that has already been shown to be completely ineffective is, in our opinion, not the right way,” explains Christopher Hein, spokesperson of CIR.

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CIR is set to participate in the Carta Di Roma, interview with the Director of CIR, Fiorella Rathaus, Carta di Roma

5th May 2016 – CIR has decided to participate in the network of associations Carta di Roma established in December 2011 to implement the professional protocol for accurate information on the issue of immigration, signed by the National Council of the Order of Journalists (CNOG) and the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI) in June 2008. “Every inappropriate word is a hindrance,” explains CIR Director Fiorella Rathaus in an interview with Piera Mastantuono for the website cartadiroma.orgexplaining CIR’s decision to participate in the Carta di Roma.

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European Commission: Towards a sustainable and fair Common European Asylum System

4 May 2016 - Today the European Commission is presenting proposals to reform the Common European Asylum System by creating a fairer, more efficient and more sustainable system for allocating asylum applications among Member States.

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