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Cirnotizie magazine

The italian refugee council magazine ‘cirnotizie’ returns

“CIRNotizie” (CIRNews), the Italian Refugee Council’s magazine is set to return, now every three months online. The new edition will include the report on CIR activities in 2014. Over the course of that year CIR had contact with, and in many cases provided assistance to, 9,890 asylum seekers and people requiring humanitarian and subsidiary protection.

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In 2014 CIR services were provided in 9 Italian regions and also in Libya and Algeria. Furthermore, as part of clinical research into victims of torture, CIR was also active in Cameroon and Chad. CIR services serve to safeguard the access to protection for asylum seekers arriving in our country and to encourage the integration of refugees.

After Lazio with over 2,744 users, a significant number of people were provided with assistance in the regions of Campania (2,500), Apulia (579) and Sicily (556). In Libya 2,363 people were helped.

2,744 people were helped by CIR in the national offices in Rome. Of this number 1,120 were refugees, 969 asylum seekers, 222 with permits for humanitarian reasons and 395 for subsidiary protection. The individuals originated from 58 countries. The largest numbers of users originated from Afghanistan (378), Iran (313), The Democratic Republic of Congo (306), Eritrea (237) and Ivory Coast (195).

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