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"For the first time, I feel truly safe. I will remember this for the rest of my life."   Tadesse, a refugee


CIR provides assistance to those forced to flee their own countries

We do this through direct service activities, and also through information and systemic advocacy efforts that promote greater understanding among Italians of refugee issues, fostering social and cultural initiatives to benefit exiles who have reached our country.

Direct Services

  • Legal orientations, border reception, access and assistance during the asylum process, intervention with authorities.
  • Social supports, access to rights, orientation about Italy, integration courses, family reunification.
  • Care and rehabilitation of refugee torture survivors.

Information and systemic advocacy

  • Media assistance/information
  • Monthly magazine "CIR Notizie" (CIR News) and other publications
  • Organization of cultural events and topical forums
  • Website, and web information on the countries of origin of refugees


  • Collaboration with universities, schools and public and private institutions on Masters' degree programs and human rights related courses
  • Courses, seminars and training modules on various aspects of asylum law.
  • Promotion of asylum rights
  • Lobbying for the adoption of just, modern and strategic asylum laws
  • Intervention with governmental bodies to ensure correct application of asylum laws in Italy
  • Development and promotion of European and International laws regarding asylum, immigration, and human rights.


  • CIR is a member of national and international networks supporting refugees and respect for human rights for all, including:
  1. oECRE - European Council on Refugees and Exiles
  2. oEMHRN - Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network
  3. oIRCT - International Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims
  4. oCommittee for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights


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