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CIR’s head office is in Rome at Via del Velabro. This office provides direct services supporting refugees, asylum seekers, and those holding subsidiary protection. In addition, we provide specialized services for the rehabilitation and care of torture victims.


In 2011 alone, we assisted 5,568 clients at our Rome office.


Our Rome office is moreover the coordination site of numerous international and national projects regarding integration and orientation.


CIR has staff working in 9 Italian regions, with information offices that, with financing through relevant agreements with local entities, guarantee legal assistance and orientation services throughout the country. These offices often carry out specific projects to facilitate the social and employment integration of our clients.


While we intentionally do not directly manage the CARAs – Reception Centres for Asylum Seekers – or the CPAs - Centres of First Assistence , CIR considers it to be essential to ensure a consistent presence of qualified social and legal workers in these centres, in order to provide asylum seekers there with all the information and orientation needed for them to fully exercise their rights. CIR is present in the Santa Anna di Crotone CARA and in Gorizia CARA (under the auspices of the SPRAR Project), providing legal services.

CIR also collaborates on activities of the Protection System for Asylum Seeker and Refugees (Italian acronym – SPRAR), the national network of reception centres for persons who need international protection. CIR is the managing entity of the municipality of Badolato’s project, and provides legal advice and orientation at the reception centres at Verona, San Pietro Vernotico and Catania..


Finally, in Italy CIR manages the services providing assistance, legal information and orientation to Italy for asylum seekers at the Brindisi border post.

For years CIR has carried out direct services in Libya and Algeria, countries through which refugees and migrants pass during their journey to Europe, particularly from sub-Saharan territories.


We have been working in Algeria since 2010. Our office in Algiers provides direct assistance and orientation help to migrants and refugees, aiming to facilitate their integration, whether through work or schooling, and we promote respect for refugees’ rights.  


Our office in Tripoli, Libya provides assistance to vulnerable migrants with special attention to female victims of abuse in collaboration with Caritas Tripoli, UNHCR Tripoli and OICEA. In addition we monitor several detention centres for migrants providing material assistance, whether through furnishing the most basic necessities and health services, as well as advocating for their rights.


Finally there are many services that CIR carries out through specific projects initiated in response to various needs of asylum seekers and refugees, with the objective of improving the overall asylum system.


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