CIR: Slaughter in the Mediterranean – Europe is betraying its founding principles and must respond immediately

19 April 2015: The Italian Council for Refugees/Consiglio per i Rifugiati (CIR) is stunned by the latest slaughter in the Mediterranean. Our grief and indignation are immense. How is it possible that Europe, the birthplace of law and rights, continues to be indifferent to the nearly daily tragedies that are swallowing the lives of hundreds of men, women and children? Europe must move beyond thinking only about its national interests to defending the rights of all men, women, and children. This can no longer wait; this deadly indifference must end.

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ECRE, Again, again, again. The never-ending tragedy in the Mediterranean claims the lives of 400 people

15 April 2015.The never-ending tragedy in the Mediterranean has claimed now the lives of about 400 people, according to Save the Children who talked in Calabria to the survivors of a boat carrying 550 people. Many of the victims are believed to be unaccompanied children.

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13 april 2015 - The Italian Council for Refugees / Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati (CIR) is pained to have learned of more deaths at sea. The numbers continues to rise inexorably, with the total to date in 2015 even higher than that of prior years. We must speak out against this increase which is not unanticipated, but rather, is directly due to the inadequacy of Operation Triton and European policies.

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Immigration: Inquiry Commission Formed Regarding Centres for Migrants, Migliore Nominated as President

29 March 2015: On March 25th, Italy’s Chamber of Deputies installed an Inquiry Commission regarding detention and reception centres for immigrants and asylum seekers (known by their Italian acronyms as CIEs, CDAs and CARAs).

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Immigration: 10,000 arrivals in 2015, 6% less than 2014

28 March 2015: Since January 1st until today, 10,132 migrants have landed on Italy’s shores, a slight decline (6%) from the 10,744 that landed during the same period in 2014, according to data cited by the head of the Italian Interior Ministry’s Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration, Mario Morcone. While arrivals during the first two months of 2015 exceeded those during the same period in 2014, in March, there was a decline of arrivals, perhaps due to harsh sea conditions, or due to changes on the ground in Libya, Morcone speculated. However, the Ministry remains concerned that the level of arrivals in 2015 will be high, and even if they reach but don’t exceed the total in 2014, the pressures regarding reception, timely processing of applications, and integration will be great, since there are currently already about 80,000 individuals in Italian reception centres, including about 13,000 unaccompanied minors.

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UNHCR: Number of Asylum Applications filed in 2014 in Industrialized Nations at 22-Year High

26 March 2015 (Geneva-UNHCR): The UN refugee agency reported on Thursday that the wars in Syria and Iraq, as well as armed conflicts, human rights violations and deteriorating security and humanitarian conditions in other countries, pushed the number of asylum applications in industrialized countries to a 22-year high last year.

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