CIR’s Short Film Contest “Fammi Vedere” (“Show Me”) Finalist: “The Hearing”

25 January 2015: Jamal escaped from Syria searching for a future. Paolo is his social worker. Together, they are preparing for Jamal’s asylum interview for recognition of refugee status. It’s the most urgent step for Jamal’s hopes, but also the most difficult one: telling the story of his past means recalling ghosts of the past and reliving horrendous memories. This is the synopsis of “The Hearing” (Elianto Film Productions), directed by Alessandro Maria Buonomo, which was a finalist in CIR’s “Fammi Vedere” (“Show Me”) contest of short films telling the story of asylum and the world of refugees.

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Catania: CIR’s President at University/Lions Club Conference on “Reception in Italy, Which Immigration Policy?”

23 January 2015: CIR’s President Roberto Zaccaria participated on 24 January 2015 at a conference in Catania on “Reception in Italy, Which Immigration Policy?” sponsored by the “Reception and World Anti-Slavery” committee of the Lions Club district 108YB and the Lions Club V and VI regions, in collaboration with the University of Catania.

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“Return Integration 2 Project”: The Story of Lourdes’ Return to Peru

21 January 2015: After living in Italy for about two years, Lourdes missed her family and all that she had left behind in her native Peru.   She longed to return but because economic conditions in Italy had been so challenging during her years here, she was unable to save enough money to organize the trip. Also, she came to Italy in the first place to help her family economically, and was worried about how she would be able to support them once back in Peru.

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Training: Last Days to Register for Immigration Course Offered by CIR

20 January 2015: The deadline to register for the professional development course “Reception, Orientation and Social-Legal Assistance for Applicants and Holders of International Protection” directed at attorneys, legal workers and social workers is fast approaching. The course is offered by In Migrazione and CIR and will take place in Rome from 6 February to 27 June 2015.

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CIR’s Immigration and Asylum Office in Salerno Province: Activities in 2014

18 January 2015: CIR is pleased to present a summary of the work undertaken by CIR’s Immigration and Asylum Office in Salerno Province during 2014. Salerno Province has a significant foreign-born population, with more than 38,000 migrants residing there. In addition to the activities of the “Rosarno e….Poi” (“Rosarno and….Then?”) project, supported by the Fondazione con il Sud, much of CIR’s work was directed at the approximately 7,000 immigrants who arrived at the port of Salerno during the summer of 2014.

In coordination with governmental authorities and other associations, CIR’s staff were present when immigrants were disembarked in Salerno, providing advice and practical assistance including cultural and linguistic mediators during the disembarkation and identification processes. About 700 of those who landed in Salerno and who requested international protection remained in Salerno Province.

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Germany: Over 200,000 Asylum Requests in 2014

17 January 2015: In 2014, Germany received 202,834 requests for asylum, about 60% more than in the prior year, according to Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. “The rapid rise in the volume of asylum seekers poses enormous challenges that can only be overcome with shared action”, he noted. The increase reflects the many world crises and civil wars; 1 in 5 asylum seekers (about 41,000 people) who arrived in Germany in 2014 were Syrian. About 30% of the migrants, who in all probability will not be granted asylum due to recent legislative reforms, are from the Balkans, principally from Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Albania.

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