“On the Backs of Refugees”: Article by CIR’s Vice President Giuseppe Casucci

13 March 2015: CIR’s Vice-President Giuseppe Casucci has published an article entitled “On the Backs of Refugees”. He states that “the posturing in recent days that is playing out on the backs of refugees by politicians and ethically dubious television transmissions is nauseating; broadcasts that sling mud on victims of war and grave discrimination, with the sole objective of playing upon the discontent of a public already at the end of its rope due to the effects of the prolonged economic crisis, and to gain a few votes”.


CIR’s President Speaks of the Importance of Solidarity and Reception

10 March 2015: CIR’s President Roberto Zaccaria participated on 7 March 2015 in roundtable in Milan on “Security, Immigration, Tolerance and Liberty” sponsored by the Association Impegno and Liberty.   During the event, he highlighted that “combining the words ‘immigration’ and ‘security’ is always difficult and leads easily to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

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CIR Joins the “SenzAtomica” Campaign

9 March 2015: CIR has joined the “SenzAtomica” Campaign, a public awareness campaign to educate public opinion and promote support for the approval of a Convention on Nuclear Arms before the end of 2015, sponsored by the Italian Buddist Institute Soca Gakkai/ Istituto Buddista Italiano Soka Gakkai . As part of the campaign, through April 26th, there will be a multimedia exhibition on nuclear disarmament at the Spazio Factory – La Pelanda, at Piazza Orazion Giustiniani 4 (the former Testaccio slaughterhouse) in Rome.

For more details on the exhibition and the campaign, click here.

CIR Condemns Alarmism by Frontex on Migrant Arrival Projections for 2015

6 March 2015: In a recent interview with Adnkronos, CIR’s Director Christopher Hein commented on data published by the EU’s border agency Frontex, which projected that between 500,000 and a million immigrants are ready to depart from Libya for Europe. “Frontex would do well to not fuel alarmism. It’s useless to shoot off numbers, 500,000, a million, arriving from Libya, and to make predictions. It’s much more opportune to think concretely about the desperate individuals that are arriving here. Before disseminating numbers based on some study, it would be better to think about how to create humanitarian channels that would allow safe landings to those leaving North Africa” said Hein.

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Immigration: 9,000 Immigrant Landings in Italy in 2015, 39 Confirmed Deaths

5 March 2015: With the approximately 1,000 individuals rescued today, 9,000 migrants have landed in Italy in 2015. This number far exceeds that of the first two months of 2014, a record setting year with 170,000 arrivals, when 5,506 individuals arrived in Italy by sea. Already in 2015 there have been two tragic sinkings, including yesterday’s when 10 persons dies, and another on February 9th when 29 dead were recovered, but hundreds more were lost and presumed dead.

See charts from the Interior Ministry on arrival statistics through 2 March 2015 here.

New Sinking in the Sicilian Channel: CIR Proposes “Create Evacuation Channels from Libya to Allow Refugees to Arrive Legally in Italy and Europe”

4 March 2014: Today yet another tragedy occurred in the Sicilian Channel, when a boat loaded with refugees capsized leaving at least 10 dead, and 961 others rescued. CIR’s Director Christopher Hein, interviewed on RAI Radio GR3 in the wake of the sinking said “people are arriving in irregular ways without any protections, and so many lose their lives, so many heinous traffickers are getting rich off of them, we must attack this. We need to open avenues through which refugees can arrive in Italy and in other EU countries in a legal way”.

Listen to the interview here (news story beginning at 5:36 minutes, in Italian):

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